Prodigy of MOBB DEEP - Mic​-​Rocosm (Produced by MiMOSA)

by Prodigy broduced by MiMOSA

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Prodigy of MOBB DEEP presents Hegelian Dialectic (The Book of Revelation) on Infamous Records featuring Mic-Rocosm (Produced by MiMOSA)


I understand that time is runnin' out

[Verse 1]
Yeah, that last hourglass ain't drop
Too late for a teardrop
Should've made that thing pop
Should've been more aware or not
W-A-R, nigga it's all theatrics and one great, big drama
Whole universe in the audience
Now think about how really small we are
We like blood cells movin' through the veins of a heart
Inside Mother Earth body, and damn she thick
You ever think abut that on weed? It's a trip
Meanwhile, back on a higher plane
Where real life is takin' place
We stay away from the lames
We don't let the bullshit drain us
Stay away from them basics
All love, no hatred
But we don't tolerate fools
Please try your call later
Goodbye, God controls when I die
I'ma meet God halfway and I'ma extend my life
Case in point tryna kill me, I'm tryna kill you too
Overcome and survive, 'cause that's what niggas do

I'ma buy a Benz 'cause that's what niggas do
You understand me?
I'ma smoke weed 'cause that's what niggas do
I'ma pack a gat 'cause that's what niggas do
You understand me?
I'ma get drunk 'cause that's what niggas do

[Verse 2]
It's evident I'm that nigga
And I will never not be that nigga
My confidence is never be shot
It doesn't go away, it's on me like some body armor
Look into my eyes, I ain't playin' with you mothafuckas
Burn somethin' with your boy, let me play you these joints
I been workin' all year, let me ball your ears
Come check a nigga out, you know I won't let you down
This that number one murder sound
1-5-1, I knocks 'em out
And give less fucks than Danny Brown
Fly ass nigga, I'm a mothafuckin' mack
I'm way too strong, better step on that

What rap artists ain't ready for is a real person
You know what I wanna say, a real n-i-g-g-a
I'ma act very black, you know what I'm sayin'?
And if niggas wanna be down
Shit, it can be an all nigga thing, but if niggas don't
Shit, I'll be by my motherfuckin' self


released January 20, 2017
Prodigy of Mobb Deep
Joe The Enginear



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